At Arty Party, we don’t just do private parties. We also provide enriching and entertaining art classes. One of our programs is provided to local senior centers called “Art as Therapy.”

Looking to bring in more customers for your business? We provide classes for indoor venues. View our Become an Arty Party Partner page here.

Type of Classes Offered



The quilling class consists of construction paper and newspaper. A 11×14 canvas will be provided along with glue, scissors and a quilling pen.

Collage Class

Our collage class consist of construction paper and newspaper that is then glued on a heavy piece of 11×14 acid free paper. This is then painted over with modge podge to give a gloss and protective finish.

Painting Glass Class                   

Painting glass classes included a selected piece of glass such as, a vase, wine glass, fish bowl, coffee cups, and kitchen bowls/plates. We provide the necessary enamel paint and other art supply for each participant.