Did you know that Arty Party comes to senior centers and long term residential care facilities and creates an enriching experience for them by providing painting instruction or craft activities? Would you like us to come to you and do Art As Therapy with your loved ones? Contact us, we’d love to talk to you.

Your Art for Therapy package includes easy step-by-step instruction on our provided classes of your choice and use of our art supplies, equipment, and aprons for up to 20 painters. Each additional painter is a flat rate of $15. Your balance for each session will be due on the day of your class or you many pay in full after reviewing the invoice.

Class Game Plan: Your Arty Party Artist will begin instruction on your selected project about 15 minutes after your scheduled event start time to allow time for all guest to arrive and find a seat and get ready to create.  If guests arrive late, they may miss out on part of the instruction. The canvas painting instruction lasts about 1:30 min to 2 hours. We typically recommend a short 10 minute break about halfway through your class. If you choose to extend your party beyond this for other activities, just let us know when you’d like for your painting instruction to begin.

Please note that we will need access to the party location 30 minutes prior to your scheduled party time so that we can begin setting up. We will also need 30 minutes afterwards to pack and clean up.

Other venue considerations:

  1. If outside, make sure that there is a back-up plan for bad weather.
  2. Make sure that there are enough square or rectangular tables and chairs for all participants.
  3. Make sure there is adequate overhead lighting. The brighter the better.
  4. We will need access to a sink and running water to fill and empty water cups. Your guests may also need a place to wash their hands afterwards.
  5. We do not recommend using cloth-covered chairs or painting over carpeted floors or rugs! As the party host, you must take any necessary precautions and assume all risk of damage from paint on cloth, carpet or other surfaces.  We bring plastic table covers and a tarp only.

Next step: Send out invitations – Be sure to require guests to RSVP. Finalize your guest list and let us know if there are any changes. We will be setting up painting easels based on the number of participants that you provided on the online reservation form. Please notify us of any changes to your guest list or party location within 24 hrs of your party, so that we can plan accordingly. You may reply through email with any changes.

A $100 Event registration fee is due at the time of booking, not on the date of the event. The remainder balance for each session is due on the date of the class or may be paid in full after reviewing the invoice.

Breakdown of Cost: A flat rate of $15 per person per session

Type of Program # of Sessions # of People Monthly Payments Total
1 month 1 10-20 150-300 150-300
3 months 3 10-20 150-300 450-900
6 months 6 10-20 150-300 900-1800
12 months 12 10-20 150-300 1800-3600

For more information on the type of art classes we provide click here.